Nicola Yorke Point Guard for the Senior Ladies

Nicola Yorke
I love the team element, fitness, the social aspect and competition – I like to push myself to be the best I can.
Height: 5’2″
Position: Guard
Jersey number: 5
Nickname: Twiggy (skinny ankles!)
D.O.B: 02/04/1979
Where did you grow up?: Chelmsford, Essex
  • Determination
  • Yorke on Defense
  • Controlling the pass
What careers have you had/do you have?:
Investment Banking – loved working in the city for Legal & General;
Police Woman in Southend, Essex – an eye opener!
Pharmaceutical Administrator – Interesting working with a fun team, learning all about drugs!
Stay at home mum – 3 children and a dog, busy times.  
How long have you played basketball?:
Played for 10 years, then had a 10 year break…I’m loving being back on the court again.
Where have you played/what teams have you played for?:
Played for my school, Essex County, South East, England U16, England U18, Swifts Local League, Swifts National League, Barking & Dagenham National League, Cambridge Cats Local League.
Played all over England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Sicily, Holland and Germany.
What do you love about basketball?:
I love the team element, fitness, the social aspect and competition – I am a little competitive, not only to win our games, but with myself – I like to push myself to be the best I can.
Favourite game of the season so far and why:
We played a league match against Braintree Blue Devils and won by over 100 points.  I felt bad for the Braintree Ladies, but it was a great opportunity to try out our new offences, fast breaks, full court press.  We have so many new players this season, so this was perfect for us to learn how to play basketball as a team.
What teammates say about Nicola:
Nic is an outstanding player. She is consistent, determined and above all, a real joy to play with. She makes the team laugh so much, we would all be lost without her! She controls every situation on the court (and even off the court!) Nic organises the games, the players, the sponsorship for the club and she always brings 110% to the game. When the Coach cannot make it, Nicola steps up and reads the game perfectly to help bring home the victories. A true sportswoman and inspiration for the other team members.